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Posted on: October 8, 2021

are you behind on utilities or rent
Free Rent Assistance for Veterans

Veterans worked hard and sacrificed uncommonly for our country. Some Veterans faced the barrel of a gun held by enemy combatants. Some Veterans faced other perils not common among civilian counterparts. Veterans of war zones and non-war zone Veterans should not need live in squaller on the streets. Several options exist to help Veterans with their rent.

The federal government provides funding state, local, tribal, charities, and churches to help individuals and families avoid homelessness. The following options provide rent and many other assistance programs to Veterans and non-Veterans. Check the following options to find a resource suitable to your needs.

Government Rent Assistance Programs

Housing and Urban Development – VA Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH)

The Housing and Urban Development Agency (HUD) provides rental assistance vouchers through public housing authorities. VA Supportive Housing (VASH) provides eligible Veterans with a VA case manager who connects Veterans with supportive services such as health care, mental health treatment, and substance use counseling to help them in their recovery process and with maintaining housing in the community. Call the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans hotline at 1-877-4AID-VET (1-877-424-3838). You can find help 24 hours a day.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

This program is federally funded, and provides people with cash assistance. The cash that you receive can be used to pay bills, including rent and any other housing expenses. To qualify for the program, you have to have at least one minor dependent child in the home. You also have to be considered low income, and be a citizen or legal immigrant. If you do not have any minor dependent children in your household, you may be able to qualify for General Assistance (GA) through the same program. The GA program provides cash assistance to individuals. Both programs limit how long you can receive the assistance. You can apply at your local social services office, and some states allow you to apply online. To apply, click here.

Local Public Housing Authorities

Every state has a Local Public Housing Authority. The programs offered through that office will help people to locate affordable housing. They also help provide rent assistance. Eligibility requirements include having a low income, being a citizen, and showing proof of identity. Use the map to find your Local Public Housing Authority, and then contact them to apply for rent assistance for veterans. To apply, click here.

Charity Rent Assistance Programs

Veterans Inc.

The Veterans Inc. Supportive Services for Veterans and Veteran Families Program helps individuals and families who are homeless or at risk. If you meet the basic eligibility requirements, Veterans Inc. provides direct services and financial assistance to help search for housing, assist with initial rent costs, and pay for certain bills related to back rent or utilities. If you are a veteran in need of services, please call 1-800-482-2565.

Church Rent Assistance Programs

Catholic Charities

This church-affiliated organization has locations around the country. They are one of the most popular organizations for helping people in need. In addition to providing assistance obtaining food, they also provide emergency services, and in some locations will help with paying bills, including rent. Locate the office that is closest to you and then contact them to inquire about rent assistance and how to apply for it, if they offer it. Most charities that offer assistance do not have a rigorous application process, but you will still need to demonstrate your financial need. To apply, click here.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

The LDS church has transient services (to help the homeless) and many local congregations help with financial support for those in need of assistance with rent or other bills. Contact your local LDS congregation to learn more.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army offers unique services including veteran-specific programs. Additionally, the Salvation Army offers access to elderly services, hunger relief, housing and homes services, Christmas gifts, Youth Centers and Disaster Relief. The Salvation Army helps roughly 30 million people each year. While not traditionally recognized as a church, this service organization is faith based. Check with your local Salvation Army to find out how you can get financial help.

Samaritan’s Purse

This non-denominational service organization ranks among the most successful service organizations in the country, and the world. In addition to food, housing and education services, this program helps families get the medical care they need. They provide disaster relief services and they help build homes and schools across the world.

Love Inc.

Love Inc. is driven by the faith community that brings transformation in your community. Those who are homeless or ill-fated can get easy housing with the rent help provided by Love Inc. when someone needs the rent help, they should call the hotline of this organization. This organization ensures and prioritize the need of the needy people such as food, rent, utilities, clothing, and home repairs.

Episcopal Church

Episcopal churches is ready to help those people who need financial assistance. In addition to this, there are more services such as help paying with utilities, rent assistance, clothing closets, gas vouchers. More importantly, this church runs emergency home shelters, food banks, and soup kitchens for the people who have been displaced by eviction, cyclones, and any other reason. You may contact at Episcopal Church to get more ideas at your location.

Lutheran Social Services

Lutheran Social Services are for the people who are looking for rent assistance on an urgent basis. This non-profit charity organization which is designed for the devastated due to different reasons. This organization mainly works in association with the government and other organizations to make sure the needy people can get emergency help such as food, bill assistance, and emergency housing.

St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church

St. Vincent De Paul is a Catholic Church that extends helping hand for the helpless people. They provide emergency rent assistance for the families who are in critical condition with sickness, family problems, and other financial constraints. Additionally, low-income people and families really suffer from mental depression. Luckily, this organization provides financial assistance and counseling for low-income people. You just feel free to explain your dire condition of life and get help from this organization. Truly, you can get help pay rent and bills.

United Methodist Church

United Methodist church is another faith-based community to help poor people. There are different assistance programs from this organization. The programs under this organization include emergency housing, drug-food, and bill assistance.

Jewish Federation of North America

Jewish Federation of North America is also a faith-based organization that works with national charities. The main aim of this organization is to ensure help for the helpless people.


While this short list provides some options, many more exist. HUD-VASH provides an excellent long-term rental relief program designed to help find affordable housing. For temporary rental relief, check with your church or one of the other charities on this list. You may also find other sources of help through your local public housing authority.