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Paralyzed People Begin to Walk Again

Paralyzed People Begin to Walk Again

Posted on: October 19, 2021

People who have lost their ability to control their limbs, in some cases, had damage to the neurons within their motorcortex. Initial research into electrode neurostimulation successfully enabled patients to move computer cursors (up, down, right and left).

Researchers hypothesized that if electrodes could enable patients to unidirectionally control cursors, brainwaves could be decoded to write a program to control movement of limbs on a more micro level. For example, movement of fingers and toes. Then, if fine motor control could be unidirectionally controlled, fine motor control could be measured to identify position and pressure.

The first patient to undergo the research to determine if the #hypotheses held merit was a diver who suffered an accident leading to paralyzation. The technology was dubbed “electronic neural bypass.” The patient was able to control his own hand, not a robotic facsimile.

Research has begun on how to restore the sense of touch and control of limbs affected by spinal injuries.

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